Army, navy, national guard ?

Ashlee • 24. Mother of 1 Rainbow After 4 Losses. Currently Expecting Rainbow Baby #2 in October 2016 💖
Im looking to join possibly the national guard but i have questions before i pursue it ! I have a small child & im a single mother (her father is in the picture physically but financially does NOTHING for her) i know i will have to do basic training for 6-8 weeks but after that will i be deployed alot to where i will have to leave my daughter constantly ? Or do they work with you & station you closer to home ? Ive graduated college & they have an amazing job opportunity i ran across online but have to join to get that. I also want to go back to school for my RN & they help just wanted my options as far as being a single mom & joining so i could talk to her father before hand ! Someone told me National Guard is my best option vs the others ? What do yall suggest ??