Low milk supply in evening?

Amy Niki • 👼 🌈 👧👶👶 Toddler & twin mom 💗💙💙 YOU are worthy of happiness

I haven’t had any issues with breastfeeding or milk supply so far. My baby has always been well above average for weight.. I think at 3 months she was 16 lbs! The issue I’ve been having lately is the feed before bed, I’m worried she’s not getting enough. I’ll feed her on both sides but at the end of the feed she’ll pull off and fuss and cry then latch back on and keep sucking but I can hear she’s not really swallowing. Then she comes off and cries, latches back on and so on. Every other feed she seems satisfied and content afterward, and she was plenty of wet and dirty diapers. I know she gets a bit fussy before bedtime so I figured that’s all it was, but when she’s done I can’t squeeze any milk out which is unusual for me. Last night was the same, then when I did her dreamfeed a few hours later she seemed fine, didn’t eat a whole lot, was quite sleepy and then slept through until 5am to feed again. I feel bad though because I feel like I’m putting her to bed still hungry?! I’m wondering if I should pump after that evening feed to stimulate my breasts to produce more for this time? I also want to start eating better and exercising to get back into shape but I’m concerned this will after my milk supply too?