Did you have any 2 week wait symptoms? Did you know you were pregnant before bfp?

Krystal • Mama to one boy July 2021 after 4 losses.

Currently 2dpo crossing my fingers this month been ttc 4th month past miscarriage. I’ve now had 4 miscarries. I had a missed miscarriage which ended up being a partial molar pregnancy. Was very sad as I made it to 13 weeks before heart stopped beating. Can’t wait for my next pregnancy to begin so my rainbow baby can be with us.

Not many symptoms so far but tmi my boobs feel tingly and weird not sore but weird and I’ve never had this not really with periods either it’s more sore then. It reminds me of when I last fell pregnant also I’ve been having dreams of becoming pregnant are these signs or has ttc gotten to me. 🤣🤣🤣 Last pregnancy took one year to conceive 😬😭