Not been back to the dr.


Anyone not been to ob or maternal fetal medicine specialist in months? I haven’t seen OB since 16 weeks and I haven’t seen maternal fetal medicine specialist since 23 weeks. I fall into an extremely high risk category that makes pregnancy life threatening not just for myself but for baby as well. This is baby #4. I am 32 weeks 3 days have almost no bump at all and an anterior placenta so I am unable to feel any movement whatsoever. I had the same last pregnancy as well and never felt anything the entire duration. So since I can’t feel anything kick counts are not an option for me. I have no idea if well being, growth, size, weight, etc.I know they will be doing an early induction because of medical complications is but I don’t know the date. I fall into the high risk categories of contracting Coronavirus due to underlying medical conditions in addition to pregnancy so I have not left home for any reason since the stay at home order was put into place in March for our state and is effective until June 10th. My. Children and I moved back in with family following a separation and several household members also fall into risk categories for the virus, due to congestive heart failure, age, breathing issues etc so they’ve also not left the home for any reason so not to risk the rest of the house or the children. Just wondering if anyone else hasn’t been back or is as in the dark? Hoping all is well and for the best at this point. Family is still unaware of pregnancy and I still have nothing at all for baby and no way to get it and I’m just taking it one day at a time. Rough time to be pregnant for sure. Hope you guys are safe and well!