Being second (sorry long,needed to get this off my chest)

Okay so I am kinda pissed about this my MIL threw me and my hubby a baby shower last month and it was half ass job, like no decorations,not the best food or cake. It looked like she made it in one day.I told her I wanted an owl theme for my baby but I didn't get that. But what makes me mad is that she threw one for my sister in law and hers was super big nice cake,decorations and a theme!

She keeps on asking me if I liked it and I want to say no but my hubby just tells me smile and don't talk about it. I am like really!! This is her first granddaughter! She couldn't have made it better??!

I feel like she doesn't care about me or her!

P.S I do not want her to met the baby at all.

Is that wrong of me to be so pissed and not let her see the little one?