Im trying to vent but have no one to vent to..

So my bf & i are expecting our first baby any day now.. we had everythimg picked out already for our baby boy. How his nursery would be, to what his nickname would be right? Well his brother just had a baby couple months ago and we'd constantly asked him and his wife what is his nickname going to be? They simply told us he doesnt have one. Move on to a couple weeks later we both posted a picture of our baby's nickname. They posted 2 days later their sons nickname very very similar to our sons. Im not saying im the only one in the worl that is going to have "sito" part of a nickname but i just thought it was a HUGE coincidence that they all of a sudden have a nickname for him after 2 months of him being born lol... last month it was suppose to be my baby shower but due to everything thats happening with COVID19 we cancelled it. For my babyshower's backdrop we were going to have an engraved foam sign with his nickname, we hung it over his little crib and posted it.. couple days later they posted a foam sign with their sons nickname over thr crib which they never had before.. my bf's brother & his wife drive me nuts. They always tell my bf he needs to find a better job he needs to do something better for himself blah blah blah. They tell him he needs to get us a house because of the baby is coming or whatever. My bf has taken good care of me since day 1. I helped him get the job he has he makes a lil more than 1,500 a month. He helps my mother out with her bills. (Rent electricity groceries etc..) When our baby shower was cancelled he knew i was super emotional about it, he took my out shopping for our baby boy.. im honestly so happy with him but it irritates the f*** out of me when they down talk him just cause he didnt graduate high school. His brother yeah has a good ass insurance job, but everything he got in life was handed to him. My bf is working and building his credit score and wants to move into a house by the end of next year..