8 days late white discharge


Hi all,

I’m posting here because I honestly have no idea who to talk to. Recently moved to a new area with my fiancé right before covid happened so I have no close friends to bounce this off of. Fiancé is essential worker and has been working 100 hour weeks to make up for less crew since half their crew is stuck due to travel bans. So he’s barely home 😩

I am 8 days late. I noticed before my expected period some heavier than usual white discharge. At 3 days late and still with the discharged I took a test which was negative. 6 days late still with the white milky discharge another negative. Now 8 days...

I would under normal circumstances be making a dr appointment but our area is still limiting medical appointments which would make explaining why I’m going in to DF difficult but I also don’t want to get his hopes up or worry him when I can’t even get an hour where he’s awake right now and home to talk to!

My cycle is normally dead accurate but last month was a week early which I chalked up to changing jobs and being around a new group of other females since that has happened when I have changed jobs in the past.