Medical Green


Hey all, so I just have a quick question that has been laying heavy on my mind here lately.

So, me & my boyfriend (of 5 years) are trying to have a baby, and have been for the past year and a half. Been to the dr, been put on progesterone, & told to try all these different things before we have to go a more serious route.. our biggest concern right now is, we smoke a LOT of weed. We live in a medical state, both have our cards, both for medical reasons. My question to you guys is, how many of you smoke pot & have conceived? Whether it’s just you, you & your partner, or just your partner. I’ve been told, many different things, and also witnessed many different things/situations. I have PLENTY of stoner friends, who have successfully conceived, never even needing to stop smoking (except when necessary to). Then I have others who said as soon as they stopped (for said amount of time) they managed to get pregnant. The doctors tell you that it can cause low sperm counts, and can cause some fertility issues. But I’ve witnessed & heard of so many people that haven’t EVER stopped, and still manage to conceive? I just want to know where other people stand with this situation & if there are even more stories of people medicating and still being able to get pregnant.

(Please no negative responses, looking for positivity on a sensitive subject) 😊