1st Prenatal Appointment at 17 weeks


This is not my first pregnancy it's my 3rd pregnancy. My first pregnancy was rough because we found out around 22 weeks our sweet baby girl had trisomy 18. I carried her till 36 weeks and 4day when we went in for one of our weekly ultrasounds and her heart wasnt beating. They induced me that night and I delivered her still born Oct.1st 2015. My second pregnancy was more stressful for me just because I was so worried I would lose my baby again. But on Feb. 23rd 2018 I delivered my beautiful healthy baby boy. And now pregnant with my third.

Kinda long but bare with me I'm so frustrated with my local OB office, and I just dont know what to do.?

So I found out I was pregnant around 4 weeks it was over the weekend so I called and made an appointment that Monday. They got me in when I was 9 weeks. The day before my appointment they called and said the doctor had to reschedule and they then rescheduled me for April 20th which was like a week or 2 from my original appointment. The 20th comes around and that appointment gets rescheduled too, this time though the next available appointment isn't till May 28th?! I will be 17weeks by then ALMOST HALF WAY through my pregnancy BEFORE ever being seen by a doctor.! I am so frustrated I dont know what to do?? Please if anyone has any advice or suggestions I would really appreciate it!

UPDATE: First thank you for the advice it was very appreciated!. So since posting this I took the advice of what everyone has said and tried to find a new OB. However, I've called 3 different offices one even had travel time of 1hr 45min and no one can seem to help me. One cant get in me until at least 4 weeks from now because of me not being in their system(I'm 12 weeks now.) At that point I might as well wait and go to the OB office I know and is close. The next one I called I found on google and they got down sized and can give me a pregnancy test to tell me I'm pregnant which obviously I am(I took like 6 home test and havent had a period since January), so I told them thank you for the help. The last one I called(the one the was 15min shy of a 2hr drive from where I live) told me they first to a blood test then they do an ultrasound then after an ultrasound they will make an appointment with a nurse and they after the nurse sees me I will be scheduled with an actual OB. And because I wasnt in their system they couldn't order any of the blood test or ultrasounds to be done at my local hospital, AND each thing the blood work, ultrasound and so on were all done in separate appointments! Even after telling them I havent gotten a period since January AND that I would be making a 2hr drive to get there they wouldn't schedule ANY of it in the same appointment.

My boyfriend and I had the idea that there is a free ultrasound Clinic in our area, they just tell you that yes your pregnant and that the baby is in the uterus, and they do ultrasounds for the first trimester but that's all they do. Were were considering doing that and then we would have some peace of mind while we wait for my appointment on May 28th? We're at a loss on what's the next step? Any other advice or suggestions would be appreciated!