Is this normal?

I’m 38 weeks and 4 days. I had A membrane sweep today and was dilated to a 2. My doctor said if I have a gush of fluid or lots of bleeding or 3-5 minute apart contractions come in immediately. Well 15 minutes after I had small cramps, they went away then later I had more cramps in my upper part of my stomach and stomach tightening that was coming and going sm was becoming stronger. That went away too, I went to the bathroom and found some brown spotting (8 hours post sweep) and a little bit of white thick mucus. But my entire body is achy and I’m just ready to have this baby. Is this a sign of labor coming soon or what. I’m a first time mom and have been told I’d got into labor within hours of my membrane sweep. Should I be worried? Still having tightening in my stomach but no pain now.