Good Morning ladies 💪🏽


How are you all?! Here in the UK they’re going to try a vaccine in one of the London Universities tomorrow. Lets pray this is what theyre looking for 🙏🏼. The sooner we find a vaccine the sooner we can get back to where we left off with our treatments, and those waiting to begin can join us on this journey.

This was my first cycle post retrieval and we wasted no time in ordering some digital OPK’s to try and pass the time and hope for a miracle. I know this isnt for everyone but i thought id check if anyone else was with me in this TWW. I ovulated later than expected, however my bleed lasted a few days longer than usual, likely due to all the meds. I presume that caused ovulation to occur later? Who knows 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Yesterday 2 of our close friends announced their 2nd pregnancy carrying twins and i felt like someone sucked my mood out with a hoover tool. But today is a new day, we try to stay positive and we plod on.

Sending love and positivity to you all, we will come out of this stronger than ever if we stick together.

✨ ‘Even miracles take a little time’ 💫