(Ex)Boyfriend Advice Please 🙏🏻

Allie • logging activities
My boyfriend and I dated for almost two years and broke up (mutually) because he was being very distant with me (we had had some problems before, but that was the first time he acted distant and it was because of some insecurities he had about our relationship). It has been almost four months since we broke up, but we have continued to stay in contact and are still friends. Recently he told me that it was hard to get over me while remaining in contact, so we stopped talking for a little while and then started talking again a couple of days ago. He ended up telling me that it was way too hard talking to me like usual and that he "kept falling for me more and more." At this point our only options are getting back together or not talking. Not talking to him makes me so upset and I miss him like crazy, but am not sure getting back together would work out. Any advice would be appreciated, I just feel very lost right now.