Any of you ladies with GD?


Hey everyone, I am completely thrown for a loop. I got diagnosed with GD when I was 30 weeks pregnant. At first I was thinking this was surprisingly easy- my numbers were staying well below the 135 cut off for after meals. I'm active, I eat a lot of fiber to balance out the carbs, etc.

But then yesterday, I had my usual breakfast of bacon, eggs, and a slice of potato bread as my carb. This usually puts my 1 hour breakfast number at 105. Yesterday it went up to 130! I was thinking "hmm that's weird... That's a big leap from the normal 105". But then this morning I tried the same breakfast again and tried to move more afterwards. Convinced yesterday was a fluke. NOPE: My number went up to 162 today!

So is this common? The farther you get into pregnancy, do the numbers sometimes get worse? Are my hormones affecting me differently than they were before? I am flabbergasted- someone please help!

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant.