Heavy periods

Brittany • 💜 Kaaliyah And Kaazhari’s Mommy 💜
So I used to expierience what I thought were cramps from hell when I was young around the ages 16-20 now I'm 25 and stress usually defines my cramps for me now a days some periods they are unbearable with pain other times my period comes on so softly { love 😍those types } but my question is do any of you ladies bleed heavily the first day of your period to where it's like blood clots coming out?? { looking as if you had a miscarriage but didn't or maybe you did cause your sexually active then you think nah  }?? It's only that first day which is the roughest but After the first day I don't have the blood clots as much or as big just little ones then on the last day of my cycle I get one more big ass clot that basically is like a notification to me that my period has ended ...is this normal or should I seek care ??