Ugh. My mom found out before I wanted her to!

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So I'm only 22 and living at home. Normally I would tell my rents right away that I'm pregnant but for one I knew they would be mad and two, I miscarried twice last year so wanted to wait until I was past the 12 weeks. So the doctors called my house and my mom answered the phone. They said its so and so from the women's clinic and asked me to give them a call. So she knew right then and there that I was pregnant. She asked me shortly after the call. I said yes. She was not mad at all! She was happy and excited! I was freaking out for no reason. Well the last times I was pregnant they were not happy. I'm sooooo relieved that she knows and I have her support. Now my dad? He will be a different story. Just thought I'd share😊