pcos and nearly 38

💞SuE💞 • 39/ TTC#1 4 rounds of clomid at 25mg. 1 round of ivf/fet failed dec16. 2nd round fresh failed 14feb17. fet in april17
I just found out today I have pcos in my right ovary. Kinda explains why I haven't been successful in getting preggers since my February miscarriage. I have always had long cycles but only recently have missed two periods in 4 months. so now, knowing this, it seems my quest for motherhood can take so much longer. A friend said to do <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">Ivf</a> to bypass the pcos, who now has 2 daughters... has anyone else done this? I know very little... but def don't want to be 38 and still baby less- please help