Reduced growth and drop in fluid - LONG POST

I'm Ashleigh and I'm currently 33w2d pregnant with my first child; my EDD is 24/12/2015 (based on both LMP and scan at 7w4d).
Up until 28 weeks my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful and gone smoothly.I had my regular 4 weekly appointment with the midwife at 28w and my fundal measurement was 3 weeks behind (despite being spot on at 24 weeks) so I had a growth scan the next day just to check up on baby.
Following the scan, I was told that baby measuring a little smaller and he charted at about 30th centile on the in-utero growth chart; at this stage the OB estimated that baby would come in at around 2.8kg (6lbs) at birth (not really a surprise as my partner and I were small babies weighing around 6-7lbs also). My AFI was normal at just over 14 and cord flow was good.
I was booked in for a follow up growth scan on 32 weeks just to keep an eye on bay and OB also explained that there were two "rules" regarding baby growth in uterine; baby's head, stomach and leg measurements should be in proportion (i.e. Measure at about the same centile) and growth over time should track at or around the same growth line. It becomes a concern if either of these two "rules" are not being followed.
At 31w1d I went into the birth suite as I had a sudden and severe headache which also caused blurred vision (I don't normally get headaches either). My blood pressure and protein were checked and both were fine. CTG monitoring was carried out and baby was not in distress and a scan showed my fluids to be 14.5, so again this was spot on. Baby was breech at this stage. No swelling or other signs of Pre-E so doctors advised it was likely to be a migraine and gave me meds which helped. At 31w6d I had my scheduled growth scan and was told that baby was measuring in proportion but had dropped to just above the 10th centile and weight was estimated to be 1.7kg (3lbs 8oz) which I believe is around 30th centile. Cord blood flow was normal but it was of some concern that my fluids had dropped to 8.5 and were hovering just above low. Baby was head down and appeared to be "pushing down". I was booked for a follow up scan in a fortnight at 33w6d.
At my doctor's appointment the next day (32w) I asked what could cause the fluids to drop so much in 5 5 days (I wasn't aware of any leaking etc) and the OB advised that it was concerning that fluids had dropped but she couldn't really say what could have caused it. She estimated that baby would weigh approx 2.5kg (5lbs 5oz) at birth. 
My fundal measurement was checked and I was now measuring 6 weeks behind. I asked what would happen if at my next scan baby was still measuring small and was told that they would look to induce. She also said that if induced before 34w I would be given steroid injections. This shocked me a bit as, up until now, I had not really had any complications or concerns! Obviously though, if it's in the best interest for baby to come out then that's what must happen. 
OB did not put me on bed rest as such but advised to take it easy and to monitor movements and go straight into birth suite if I had any concerns regarding baby's movements or any more headaches.I've had a roller coaster of emotions of the last 10 days or so and also decided to stop work about a week earlier than planned just to reduce my stressors. Baby has generally been moving well though there was some change at 32w5d; I went into to the birth suite for CTG monitoring and all was well with baby and his movements picked up.I'm trying to keep calm and keep things in perspective but it has freaked me out a bit and made me feel anxious about his movements and well being.
Has anyone else experienced similar? What is likely to be needed in terms of NICU care if baby does need to be induced at 34w? 
Thanks for reading; any support and information would be greatly appreciated.