Feeling alone

I have a 3 week old baby who I adore, my partner lives with me and my family don't live so close by, my partners family only live a few doors down but lately it seems as if I'm doing the parenting myself, I know my partner works and I let him sleep through the night so he can go to work and throughout the day I'm looking after my lo but when my partners home it's as if he dont bother with the baby unless I ask him to do something for lo or change him or feed him, he's happy to have a baby and loves him to bits but I need a rest too, my lo has collic now and on top of that thrush in the mouth which is even more upsetting because I can't get him to sleep properly unless he's laying on my chest to the point were I'm hurting that I will put him to bed and he will start crying again, my parents help the best they can but they only seem to be around me for baby and same with my partners family, I don't have any friends here were I live as I only moved last year and don't really go out much, any helpers please people just someone to talk to be nice xx