Marijuana solution for Morning Sickness

****Please do not post on this if you're going to be rude or judgemental.***** 
 I cannot stomach anything. I'm currently in my first trimester, meaning this is a very important time for the development of my child. While I know there are risks for using marijuana on fetal development, I also know that the same risks are posed when your child isn't getting enough nutrition, and frequent vomiting can also effect development as well. 
Which is better ? 
-To smoke to be able to feed my baby and possibly cause delayed development/low birth weight/early delivery? 
-Or to continue to vomit 10+ times daily and risk delayed development/low birth weight/early delivery? 
Keep in mind this is not a matter of selfishness. Both options may cause problems yet the latter option has been proven. When you're body isn't able to provide nutrients to your child because of vomiting, it is just the same as being bulimic while pregnant. Moreover, prenatal vitamins aren't a fix. They must be taken with food, yet I throw up everything I eat, including my vitamins. Zofran wears off almost instantly, but that could be due to the fact that I can't let it sit in my stomach long enough to digest it. 
Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm a new mama that just wants the best for my baby.