November baby turned into October baby 😍

Tristen β€’ 21. Mother of 1. Baby boy made his arrival 10/28/15 😍😍😍
I had a doctors appointment on 10/26 at 4:30p.m to measure baby doctor took a look and told me I needed to go to hospital that night to get checked in and they were going to induce me the next morning for IUGR/SGA. Labor was a very long process and by the time I had him the 1st epidural wore off and by the time they gave me a second one it didn't have time to kick in before he arrived. so I felt EVERYTHING and I was induced with pitocin. Β I was 38 weeks exactly the day he arrived he was only 4 pds 11 oz and 17 inches long. I was so happy the doctor decided to induce me apparently I had placental insuffeincy and it just kinda wore out πŸ˜”. His umbilical cord was so small and worn out it fell off within the first few hours of life.Β But baby boy is 9 days old today and doing great ☺️. He spent 4Β Days In the NICU due to rapid breathing not eating and low blood sugar. But he is doing great now.Β