Does my crush like me? What do I do?

Basically I've had this weird thing going with this guy for almost 1 and a half years now. We go to the same high school and we are both SUPER SHY! His friends ( who I have never met) started messaging me about 16 months ago and still message me random things about him and asking me questions like " do you like ...?" His friends also always comment on my Instagram page saying things like " just for (guys name)" or just tagging him. Although he never seems to be able to talk to me and the other month I told him I liked him ( on snap chat ) and he said K he later apologised and all but that made me think obviously he does like me!  Except ever since the all of his friends have been messaging me again like " do you still like him" and all this other stuff /:  also we are in the same class and I always catch him looking at me /: I want to talk to him face to face but just freeze up around him I get so nervous!!! What are your thoughts on the situation?