Sex(or lack of)😩

Okay so my SO and I used to have sex basically every day, even on my period. (Don't need rude comments!) then he got a job transfer as an assistant manager and it just dropped off to like, twice a week, then once, then once a month. I got pregnant, and we haven't been having sex like we used to for 10 months!πŸ˜“ it's really sad because I feel like I'm not good enough/don't do it for him anymore. He knows I feel this way yet nothing changes. I ALWAYS initiate the sex, only to either get rejected or not have that great sex. We only do one position now, (pretty much because of my growing belly.) but what can I do!! I find myself masturbating to porn a few times a week, just because I get so horny and he won't have sex with me. HelpπŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“