Mirena IUD Removal concerns

Andrea • Doula | Student Midwife | Crunchy Mama
Okay so, I had my Mirena IUD removed on Monday. Everything was totally fine; had just a little tinge of cramping afterwards but it went away.
Then yesterday evening the flood gates opened & I bled a LOT. I was starting to get worried but it stopped around midnight.
Everything seemed fine until this evening and now I'm unable to walk without intense (what I assume) uterine cramping. It hurts when I'm sitting or laying but not as bad. But when I get up it, and bare with me on this, it feels like I have a strip of barbed wire attached to the top & bottom of my uterus. When I stand it feels like that wire is ripping & pulling. 
I don't know if I've just forgotten how normal cramps work or if I need to go to urgent care.
Anyone experience this?
(Back story, I've had the Mirena 4 times, I'm well seasoned in the process. The first & second ones attached, the third one was absolutely great and when I got it removed I had no issues then got pregnant shortly after. This one I just got removed was the 4th and the only issue I had was that it made my ovarian cysts worse so I had it removed. This was an uncomplicated removal. I was prescribed and started taking Levora same day as removal.)