Frustrated w/ my body changes

So I know pregnancy will in the end be worth all the horrible changes that your body has to go through in order to have such a miracle in your life..and I apologize in advance for my complaining to the ladies who aren't able to get pregnant and endure the changes knowing you would in a heartbeat..just understand I'm 37w1d and very emotional...I was examining my boobs today (don't judge) and I've always had the problem of one being noticeably bigger than the other..and even with them growing during pregnancy it's still like that..OK cool I can handle that, but I now noticed that one of my areolas (pink part around the nipple) is bigger than the other !? Like not only have they gotten darker and bigger but they're different sizes....whhhhhhhy pregnancy whhhhhhy. I'm so insecure about my boobs already and I hate how they look...especially now...😞😞😞😞😞 I miss my pre pregnancy body....and I hate how unattractive I matter how much my boyfriend tells me I'm beautiful it still sucks going through all these changes and he doesn't understand...I love him though and glad he's stuck by me..and even if he's lying about it being okay how much my body has changed I'm glad he's trying to boost my confidence. I just have to keep in mind that my son will be here soon and it'll be worth it..😦