Delivery room drama

So I'm reaching a point where I want to give my "support system" the boot. It's getting way to dramatic and honestly some people are pissing me off with their "this is what's going to happen" attitudes. 
I call the shots when this baby comes out not you!
Truely the only person who has to be in the room with me is my husband- he is living and supporting, has already seen all of my parts and has been so excited and happy that his energy will be more than welcome come D day. I was also considering our mothers- my mom as long as she can hack it (she does not do blood- like at all) and I get along fine with his mother and have had some persona talks with her and feel like it wouldn't be weird if she decided she wanted to be in there with us (they let me have two "guest" in delivery aside from my husband)
I briefly let this plan be known to others- so that I won't have fifty people sitting outside waiting and getting pissy cause they can't come back to the room.... Well now my dad won't shut up about how he hopes I'm with him when she comes so that I have to let him back there and how he's gonna be the first to hold my daughter... I don't have the best relationship with him to begin with... And when he says it he sounds like a cocky ass who wants to take over instead of a doting grandpa to be. (Also I will tell the hospital staff to escort him out if he try's to go back with me- if God forbid I am with him when she comes- because there is no way I can focus on the process when this man- who stresses me out just by being around- is in the room)
Tempted not to tell anyone when we go in until after she arrives and we have had our hour of skin to skin.
Sorry for the long rant. I feel better now- thank you for listening.