Is this OCD?

OK so I have this routine and I'm starting to feel like it's ocd every morning I wake up eat breakfast right after breakfast I use the restroom #2 soon as I'm done i disinfect the bathroom all of it toilet counter everything then as soon as I do that I take a shower right away and spend maybe about 40 minutes in the shower most of the time consists of washing my private areas and my bottom , I have tried to not shower right away and have a shower later on in the afternoon but I start getting anxious I start thinking that I might poop again if I don't shower right away and I actually start getting the urge to use the bathroom . Also after I've showered i can not poop again or I will shower again so the whole day I spend it trying not to poop which I think actually gives me the urge I never end up going but I feel the urge all day long so could this be ocd?