Multiple Miscarriage? Try Vitamin D3, High dose Folic Acid & Baby Asprin

After 5 MCs I am pregnant again. Normally it takes me a long time to get pregnant, but after a MC in June, I decided this month to start taking 10,000 iu D3, high dose folic acid and baby asprin. I've have tons of testing and never been told that I have blood clotting issues, but began taking baby asprin as many women swear by it. Women with recurrent miscarriage are apparently very low in vitamin D, and D3 apparently makes a huge difference. My doctor also said that she would recommend high dose folic acid just in case. 
I'm only about 5 weeks so I don't know if this will make a difference in the outcome of this pregnancy, though I have a really good feeling :) But I did feel ovulation a lot more than normal this month and wanted to share this info with anyone else who has unexplained Recurrent miscarriage in the hope that it can help them!!!
Love you ladies!!!