She's the one who gets to be pregnant.

Licia • TTC our rainbow baby.

I'm so sick and tired of seeing pregnant women on my Facebook complaining about being pregnant or complaining that they haven't gotten any sleep because they have a newborn baby. I don't understand how these people get to be blessed with children, when all they did was not close their legs, and here I am doing everything right and can't even get a vvvfp. I'm so discouraged, frustrated, and bitter.

For example, my wife's best friend is 7 weeks pregnant. This is her fourth child with her fourth baby daddy. All she does is complain about how sick she feels. How did I find out she was pregnant? She came over and rubbed it in my face by talking about how excited she was to have another child. This woman lives off the state for everything because she refuses to get a job. We both have the same personality disorder, BPD, the only difference is I work 40 hrs a week and take care of my family with my own money. Yet? She's the one who gets to be pregnant.

I'm sorry, I'm just venting. My wife and I want this so bad. She even went and bought little baby DCs because she has convinced herself I'm pregnant this time.