My boyfriend relapsed

My boyfriend worked noc shift last night and when he got home there was only about 30 minutes before I had to leave for work. He was being quiet, wouldn’t look at me, I was concerned something happened. He said he had the worst night at work. I then get accused of doing drugs (i have never done drugs and never plan on doing drugs) I’m confused because he knows this about me, NOT FOR ME. He was a year clean when we met and I let him know that I can not be with someone actively using but I love how strong he was for getting over such a difficult drug. He was doing great , but he told me he got some drugs on shift. And used. I’m heartbroken as I am 8w+3 today. I don’t want to stress too much. I can’t have drugs in my life my family is a bunch of addicts and I disconnected myself from them for this reason. I’m so lost. He was doing so good. Crystal meth is a fucking bitch