Trying to stay positive 6 weeks and 3 days

When we found out we were pregnant we told close family and friends as for support through this emotionally as we have had two loses and trying to have the best mind set we can. I know some wait to announce to family because it can be hard to explain a loss but this is something we wanted to do and we wanted it respected. My boyfriends friend he claims as a brother has a wife that threw in her two cents of what am I gonna say if I lose this one. I told her I don't have to explain anything to anyone family and friends will understand. Then today I find out she's trying to find ways to make me mad and said well I could really piss her off by getting pregnant and stealing her thunder. I'm sorry pregnancy is not a competition I want my rainbow baby more then anything she's had her miracle baby and if she gets pregnant again I'll congratulate her but to sit here and do it out of spite is ridiculous. I just want to have a successful pregnancy and be able to hold my baby.