What a week it has been 🤦🏼‍♀️ dealing with our hospital!


Good morning, just needed to have a little vent to some people that may understand! We've had some changes thrown our way this week that has left me pretty frustrated.

Firstly, my husband and I were informed by the hospital that due to covid, new policy has been put in place that both my husband and must take the covid-19 test- if we refuse, they will assume we are positive and we will not be allowed to give birth at the hospital. There is a centre now set aside for covid positive pregnant women that I can only assume is currently empty, as our island has only had 90 cases with 70 recoveries and only 13 people over 60+years still sick and left in quarantine. Of course, we would rather give birth at the hospital and we would rather be safe than sorry, so we are complying and taking the test. I am, however, very anxious about it as there is only 1 testing centre which also acts as the quarantine facility for covid positive patients. My husband and I have been home since early March, before the island had any cases and we are quite certain we are not sick, and this feels like they are sending us in to ground zero to be tested. I'm nervous about being in close quarters with someone who may be sick. We've been so careful this whole time, I feel as though just being there will give me a panic attack!

I know we are all currently facing changes to our birth plan due to covid, some worse than others. Has anyone else had to take the test?

The other thing bothering me is my C section was scheduled to happen on June 1st for months now. Well, the hospital has just realized that the 1st of June is a bank holiday here. They do not want to work and will not schedule any surgeries for bank holidays, so they have forced us to move our son's birth date to June 2nd. We don't get a say in the matter. This is my first baby and I already have enough anxiety, and while I feel better today, having this news thrown at me yesterday sent me in to a bit of a spiral. Nobody, not my OB, not the anesthesiologist, not the pediatrician, not the hospital (who took my money without issue for the private room) realized until 2 weeks before the due date that this is a holiday. No one held any issue with going forward until they found out they could possibly have a day off. I am now responsible for ensuring that everyone involved in my c section will be available for June 2nd. I have yet to hear back from the hospital if the private suite I have booked is still available for june 2nd. I know it's just a day, but it certainly comes with its share of inconveniences.

Anyway, if you have made it this far through my complaining, thank you for your patience lol. I feel bad complaining as I know others have it worse right now 😣 sorry for that...I just want the day to go as smoothly as possible and I am hating all these last minute changes!