Prayers please ? Long post 💕update💕

usually never make posts on here. And I don’t really ask for prayer bc I don’t feel I deserve anything in life. But I know they work, I know god loves us and he always makes a way. We just gotta meet him half way. And I’m trying so hard. Ina couple of days me and my family will be homeless. I just started a job but I’ll only be making $100 every two weeks... I get government assistance but that’s $200 a month. I put in an application today. This is the only income. I have filed for housing but it’ll be a while before I can get in. I have to figure out something before the first. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t have family or anywhere at all we can go. I don’t wanna go to a homeless shelter plus there are none taking in anyone around me right now. I do not know what to do. I have two small kids. We’re really struggling right now. I’m so stressed out and I know that god will find a way. My daughter is 6 and prays every night for a new house. She doesn’t even know we’re about to be homeless. So can somebody please pray for my family tonight? Please pray that something good will happen and we can figure out something. I’m not extremely religious but I do believe in god. I’ve been to Pentecostal church my whole life so I know how it works. I almost died and the only answer to why I’m still here is god. I just don’t really go to church, bc I don’t wanna be judged. I haven’t prayed much recently and I feel like he shouldn’t accept my prayers right now. I really don’t deserve it. But I know our god is amazing even when we’re not. I know he loves me even tho I don’t feel worthy. Please no hate. I’m really struggling right now. Please just pray.

Update- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PRAYERS. Please continue praying💕

we might have a house. Gonna have to work for the landlord BUT after the weekend is over we’ll know❤️