When you know, you know.


When did you know for 100% you were pregnant? I knew I was for sure pregnant when I went to smoke a cigarette and almost puked because it tasted so nasty. I had my husband take a draw off mine and he said it tasted the same as always and that's when I knew for sure I was pregnant. I can't explain the joy I felt seeing that positive. I was so scared I wasn't gonna be able to get pregnant because it was so hard for my sister too and she has PCOS and there's history of ovarian cancer in my immediate family so the months of negatives kinda made me sad. I tell ya tho. I was not expecting twins 😛 haha! God said oh you want a baby. HA I'll sure as heck give em lol. 3 or less weeks. I can't wait to meet my baby girls. I was just thinking back. When I almost barfed at smoking, I knew. People say it's hard to quit but when you see that little baby on the screen. How can you not. I just imagine my babies inhaling all that nasty stuff and knowing all the risks and knowing I can do something to prevent hurt and help them grow healthier. Some say they couldn't do it but I think they could. It's just something else seeing those babies move around doing so good. It's beautiful. Every bit of hell I feel like I go through, at the end of the day, I know it's worth it. Every bit. So, how did you know you were pregnant? When did it hit you and how did you feel? 😁