She’s 3 weeks already!!!

Collie • 🇨🇦24 Y.O expecting my first April 9th 2019. Born April 4th 2019🤰🏽👶🏽🎉 m/c in February 2018 at 5 weeks 😭 baby #2 due may 2020

Baby girl is officially 3 weeks old born on May 8th! Life has been super different with a 3 weeker and my 1 year old and it’s actually been a surprisingly good transition as big sister is very gentle and patient with baby sissy which is a shock because 1 year olds aren’t really known for understanding that a baby isn’t a toy or doll 🤣 baby girl is doing great on the breast, having multiple bowel movements a day, takes a bottle whenever it’s given , trying to hold her head up and hasn’t spit up yet which is the opposite of sister who was born with the worst acid reflux 😭