Opinions please. Please read

Hey guys. Super weird. 9 dpo took a FRER this am which I don’t trust anymore and had a faint faint faint positive. I’ve had no signs what so ever of pregnancy aside from headache and dizziness which I get often anyway. No sore breasts like I usually do, nothing at all. Now let me explain clearblue and cheapies have NEVER ever given me an evap or indent, ever. But I also took a digital first response and it was negative which I would think would require just as much hcg as the cheapies?? Am I wrong? I know its hard to tell but there is lines on all of these including clear blue. It was third morning urine as well. Would you trust these!? All used with the same urine just with the cheapies I used different amounts of drops on each because I had a hard time believing it. Thoughts?