What would you add to her nursery walls?


Our nursery for baby #3 is almost done except for some finishing details. We kept the paint color from our guest room because we had just paid to have it painted, so we picked things that we think worked with the wall colors. We need something to put up on the walls just to add some soft detail in.. we don’t want to spend a lot because once our kids are a certain age we start letting them pick their own things, so all of the options I gave a around $50 or under.. what would you add? First photo is part of the room, then 4 photos of examples for wall decor we found.

Baby Room:

Decor options:

Flower decals

Gold 3D Butterflies

Macrame Wall Hanging:

Flower Wreaths:

We are also open to ideas as long as they are easy applications, not major projects.. we may also combine some of the above,.. not sure yet..

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