Disagreeing with spouse about finding out the gender


Hi all ❤️ my husband and I just found out a few days ago that we are pregnant. This will be our first baby, and we have experienced two back to back miscarriages prior to this pregnancy.

Prior to my losses, my husband and I both really wanted to keep the gender of our baby a surprise until the delivery. We both felt that was what we wanted so that we could truly be surprised and so that my husband can be the one to experience that special moment of finding out once they arrive.

Now that I’ve gone through two traumatic and heartbreaking losses, I’m feeling like I want to find out the gender. We’re hoping and praying this is a successful pregnancy, and if it is, I feel like knowing the gender will make me feel more connected to the baby throughout the pregnancy that we’ve fought so hard for. And to be honest, I just want to know because I’ve suffered through horrible miscarriages and I want to fully embrace this pregnancy and experience every part of it to the fullest. My husband still feels very strongly that he doesn’t want to find out until delivery.

Any advice on how I should approach this? Maybe I should just be a patient person (which I’m really not good at) and wait? Should my husband be more open minded? I hate to think like this at all because we both suffered the losses of our babies, but I feel a *tiny* bit like since I suffered through the physical trauma that maybe he should consider what I want.

Has anyone had a similar situation? Thanks in advance, and sticky baby dust to all! ❤️👼🏻🌈