Marriage Advise

Tiffany • Christian. Mother of 3. 3 living and 1 angel. 10 years together married 7.

I don’t have heath insurance and there is no sliding fee scale therapist in my area. I feel down at the fact I feel like I don’t have someone I can talk to and have solid advise from. So maybe someone here can help.

My husband and I have been together 11 years yesterday and married 8 years the 23rd of this month. I have has some serious talks with him on how I feel and why I feel the way I do. Since then it has been near 1.5 months and no changes have been made. I feel like after being together so long and so many conversations something should have changed by now. He doesn’t cheat or abusive but the lack of attention, fun, spark is just gone. I try a lot to plan and do little things for us but the last year I stopped. I’m so exhausted on trying to do things when he doesn’t do it for me. In November through February we actually got into a throple relationship, other than the other girl not showing me attention my husband was great. Always showing alternation and attentive to needs. He did play around with the other girl which sucks because I also wanted that. Now that has ended I’m left back at where we were. I feel unhappy but I dont want to throw away 11 years and our 3 kids have to be split up. Thinking about another woman giving him love or him giving another woman love hurts more than I can explain just thinking about it but at the same time I’m not even receiving that. I couldn’t really afford to live alone either even if I did file for divorce. I just don’t know anymore.