Should I get tested?

I’m 4 months pregnant and only 18 years old. The past week my allergies have been really bad like sneezing nonstop and a stuffy nose. The past 2 days though, I’ve been coughing all day nonstop literally. Longest I’ll go is like 2 minutes without coughing. And sometimes it’s almost like whooping cough. Yesterday I had a really bad headache all day long and had a fever for a couple hours but thats it. I also threw up a lot more yesterday than I usually do being pregnant. Everything I put in my mouth I threw up. And coughing so much makes me throw up. I woke up today and still feel a little nauseas but still coughing nonstop. I’m scared to go get tested for COVID bc I don’t want to be swabbed but for the sake of my baby I feel like I have every symptom and should be tested. Please help