Switching Providers at 30 weeks?

Hi friends, just wondering how y’all went about telling your current OB provider that you’re switching to a different one? My current midwife works in a hospital that still has LOTS of covid restrictions in place, and I wouldn’t be allowed to have my full support team with me, just my husband. My husband and I have decided that we might be switching to a freestanding birth center who would allow me to have both my mom and my husband with me in labor, which is super important to me. I love my current midwife dearly, she is so supportive and friendly and we have built a really good relationship over the last 30 weeks, and I really don’t want to hurt her feelings or make her think that I’m switching for any reason other than hospital visitor restrictions. How have y’all gone about this in your experiences? Should I message her and tell her I’m switching and why or just wait for the birth center to send a request for transfer records? Should I give her like a Starbucks gift card or something as a thank you? I feel like I’m breaking up with her 😂

Edit to add: my current midwife cannot deliver me at the freestanding birth center, she is a CNM contracted with a hospital, and her contract prohibits her from delivering anywhere other than the hospital 😢