Irritable uterus?

Tiarne • 2 boys 💖 Married 💕


I’m sure people will think this is a stupid question but does having an irritable uterus mean I should stop doing those home things to help induce like raspberry leaf tea, sex, etc?

I am 36w3d and did a midwives brew yesterday to try and open my cervix or put me into labour (this is my 3rd baby, all is safe and healthy. Have had healthy babies 35+5 & 37)

But nothing came of it. Pretty sure I’m still closed but I’m soooo uncomfortable and he is head butting or kicking me so hard I want to cry.

Any suggestions on making myself more comfortable and if I should do midwives brew again or leave it?

I did the brew with my 37 week and he came almost 12 hrs later.