Should i breakup with him?

We’ve been dating five months. I love him. He says he loves me. I’ve been struggling a lot because of lack of romance in our relationship. ik it’s trivial but thats how i feel loved. I want a man that will take the extra step for me. I want guy that i can count on to be fully there for me. He was this perfect guy when we first met, but now he’s not rlly appreciating me. He’s super nice and sweet in person so idk if i’m throwing a good thing away. but all ik is that i feel so crappy during the week for months now. a bf should make his girl feel like the happiest girl in the world. and vice versa.

I feel taken for granted and not a priority in his life. Idk if i’m crazy to ask for that? am i? i don’t wanna be deemed as crazy. i just want mutual caring and thoughtfulness.