Confused on gender!?


Okay so I am extremely confused about the gender of my sweet baby. At 11 weeks I did the sneak peek clinical test and got my results back saying girl. I had to go to the hospital at around 14 weeks for some cramping and they did another ultrasound there and the tech who was doing it just blurted out saying that she thinks it’s a boy and said oh sorry if you didn’t want to know. I am just confused because the clinical test was an actual blood test but now I have to wait for my anatomy scan which isn’t until next month and I am so impatient haha

What would you guys believe more a blood test taken at an ultrasound place by a phlebotomist or an ultrasound done at 14 weeks?

I do have to mention also that at the hospital the tech wrote in the report that was looked over that I had complete placenta previa an ultrasound done a week later showed that my placenta wasn’t low at all?

So confused!?