Anxiety, struggling bad

This is my second pregnancy, I am 4 weeks 5 days found out at 3 weeks 5 days. I feel like I’m having an anxiety attack everyday.

My first pregnancy was great u til the end, I developed preeclampsia at 34 weeks and was induced at 34+3, delivered 34+5. My daughter is now almost fifteen months old.

The plan was to wait until she was 18 months to try again, I was on the pill same time everyday and god had other plans for us.

I’m having a hard time feeling connected to this pregnancy so far, and having a bard time processing. All I can think of is “miscarriage, tubal pregnancy, I’m going to die if preeclampsia the baby is going to die” and it’s making me miserable.

I wanted a second child. I still do. I feel that the unexpectedness of this has sent me into a spiral. The last few days one of my hips was hurting which sent me into the “tubal pregnancy” spiral, and then my other hip started hurting. I’m terrified my lines aren’t progressing properly I’m terrified something bad is going to happen.