Family problems


I ll try to say my story very quick , I never told anyone. I was bullied from 2grade until I was in the last year of middle school. My parents never noticed how miserable I was . My mum if I come sad home she ll never ask if I m ok it’s always if I had a bad grade and hiding it and I needed them is a hug that I never had . My mum used to hit me every day for no f obvious reason now she blames on my dad who never been there he chose the friends , others over us and when he’s home he ll fight with my mum. That made my personality soo weak and I lost speech when I was 8 and no one noticed I used never go out nor look at ppl in the eyes , other ppl terrify me . Then for my mum I was never ENOUGH and every body was better then me .now I m 20 still suffering from the past I do think that I m not enough, i have severe anxiety and depression and my mum still think it’s my fault 😭