Sudden change in personality over the past two years concerning ANIMALS... I suddenly hate animals?

I used to be a big animal person. I loved all animals, especially dogs. My husband and I got a dog 4 years ago. She was my best little friend and I loved her wholly. I loved my family cat like a baby. I just truly loved animals. Even donated time and money to local shelters.

Over the past two years that has completely disappeared. I don’t even like animals anymore, and I can’t figure out why or how that is possible. I can’t stand our dog anymore. She grosses me out and annoys the shit out of me. I have no desire whatsoever to even pet her and I yell at her a lot for doing gross things like licking her ass and then trying to lick me.

My husband has asked me, why do you randomly hate her now? And I just don’t even know. It’s not just our dog, it is most animals. I’ve randomly started being disgusted by all of them.

Like, do I have a mental problem? Nothing else about my personality has changed, it’s just this single aspect. Has anyone ever heard of something like this?