Struggle with weight gain

I’ve been slowly gaining weight the 7 years my bf and I have been together. We’ve had two kids together. After each baby I was a little bigger but managed to lose weight. After my last baby, I had mirena put in and gained 35 lbs in 7 months. The dr denied that’s what it was from and wanted to prescribe me a weight loss pill. I wasn’t being sedentary or eating anything different. In fact, I had taken a job waitressing so I went from being moderately active to walking 7+ miles a day 5 days a week. I never ate there except an occasional side salad because there food was expensive and I was always super busy. I stuck to drinking water and still my weight wouldn’t budge. I finally had mirena taken out but my bf and I have been fighting nonstop of a year now. I’ve been slowly getting more and more depressed and gaining more weight. Despite being active, I have started eating junk and drinking pop again. Now for about 3 weeks, I’ve been strictly dieting and exercising. I still managed to gain 5 pounds. I’m so discouraged. Not only that but recently, whenever we fight my bf calls me a lazy fat ass despite the fact I’m going to school and raising our 2 kids. He’s out of work and quite literally sits on his ass all day playing games. I cook, clean, entertain the kids, all on my own. What hurt most was when he called me a 300 lb waste of space. I’m just crushed. I weigh about 210, but regardless, he knows how much I’ve been struggling to lose weight. I have a feeling he’s just not attracted to me anymore and it’s just been a bad cycle of fighting. I know I need to get serious about losing weight but how do I move past the hurt? 😔