My fiancé and I had a baby 4 months ago. His mom has always been a little bit overbearing and even forced herself to be in the delivery room when I gave birth. About two to three nights ago my daughter had a breathing spell where she was breathing fast so we took her to the hospital. Her pediatrician told us to keep a close eye on her. I told my fiancé I want us to stay around the house for the next month so we can keep a close eye on her and to also be close if we need to go back to the children’s hospital. (Mind you his moms lives 2.5 hours away). His dad is throwing a small get together with just my fiancé’s siblings on Sunday we are going but his mom is now trying to convince him to bring her all the way up there I really don’t want to make that drive there and something happen. Am I in the wrong for not wanting to go up there? Let alone she gives me the cold shoulder when it comes to me wanting to not bring her places with this virus and to be around a whole bunch of people.