Needing to be Reassured

Dani • TTC # 1 🥰 Wifey 💍 Cat Mom 😺 Believer ✝️

So hubby and I officially started TTC this month. We’ve had a couple slip ups but never both agreed to start trying until now. Today I supposedly ovulated. (Supposedly because I’m not doing OPKs) We decided our plan of action this month would be to BD every other day. And honestly today I broke down crying with my hubby because I felt it was more stressful and BDing seemed like a chore doing it that way. We want spontaneous and what we’ve had ever since we’ve been together. So we agreed to only do every other day my ovulation week.

Here’s where I get stuck in my head. I feel like by taking OPKs I’m not naturally getting pregnant and letting it be in God’s hands. I had hope that BDing every other day would be the solution but obvi that didn’t work for us. I need to get myself to think more positively. I want to appreciate that we have the option to even find out when we are ovulating and treat it like a gift. I’m totally a control freak and TTC just doesn’t let my control freak tendencies to be at ease. Been praying tons for peace, patience, and baby dust!