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This was sent by our midwife and it's absolutely amazing!!!!

I plan on breastfeeding but, I'm considering supplementation for when my husband bottle feeds because, he's expressed that bottle feeding is really important to him.

They also gave us $5-$10 coupons/vouchers for formula that will last for the first year of baby's life.

Aside from this formula, they sent me a shit ton of $50 and $60 giftcards for different baby gear sites (not coupons, they're straight up gift cards for free shit!!!!). There's also a formula and breast feeding guide for the different brands of formula that are best for your specific baby (not just enfamil) and, they have a breast feeding, vaccination, bowel movement and, food stage chart for the baby in there.

They also include a nutritional supplement guide for when you're breastfeeding but, lacking a certain nutrient for your baby. This is an absolute amazing box and it's saving us hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

We are so happy with our midwife! My husband was really excited about her after our first visit. He loved her demeanor and the fact that she actually listened to me and my concerns. She's freaking amazing and we can't wait for her to be with us for every step of our pregnancy!

Did anyone else get a package like this from their doctor/midwife? What was included in yours? Let's see those goods!

Now excuse me while I go shopping for cute baby stuff! Congrats on all of your pregnancies ladies! I'm praying for a happy and healthy 9 months for us all!😊🌈🌻💕